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Erica Fernandez


Sports and fitness have been part of my life ever since I can remember. I’ve always been athletic and I love the feeling of accomplishing a physical challenge, whether that be winning a basketball game or mastering the art of a back flip. Any athletic event requires your absolute attention, it forces you to be engaged in the moment. To me fitness means growth in all aspects, your body must be in tune with your mind. Athletic training works towards transformation. Whether your goal is to gain muscle or lose weight, or acquire definition, etc. Physical change requires mental strength, discipline, and patience. All these tools are valuable not just in the gym, but in our everyday lives. Exercising daily is practicing self care for a healthy mind, body , and soul. That’s why I’m passionate about fitness and that’s why I’m beyond grateful to be a member of the FitChixx team. When you are constantly surrounded by strong minded, powerful, vibrant women! You are challenged everyday not only physically, but mentally, and spiritually. The results you obtain from that are nothing short of greatness!

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