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Keneshia Butler


I have always been athletic. My background includes track&field, cross-country, and dancing in middle school and high school. In 2015, I decided to redirect my fitness journey to have a healthier lifestyle. I use some of my old techniques of running and change my eating habits to get my weight under control. But, I figure I need something more challenging so that’s when I join FitChixx of Houston in 2016.


Under the care of the owner “Antanique Landry”. I was amazed at how her skills, techniques, and planning workouts so organized and intact. I have been with FitChixx of Houston 3 years now and I am amazed on how much I have grown as a woman and most of all becoming a FitChixx coach. What I love about working out and working with these group of women is that they are encouraging, uplifting, pushing each other, and the sisterly bond. I am so glad I became of apart of this amazing team.

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