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Racquel Rhooms (Rockie)


I've been over weight for most of my life, constantly chasing the latest diet fads. It wasn't until I hit my max weight of 256 lbs, that I really took a step back and really evaluated myself. For the first time I decided to truly commit to my health. In 2014, my fitness journey began. I started on my own, making small changes along the way. Just by cutting out soda along with exercise, I was able to drop 10 lbs. After dropping 40 lbs I hit a plateau, so I hired a personal trainer. A few months later, I was down another 30 lbs.


In 2016, I discovered FitChixx on instagram. With much trepidation, in July of that year I finally decided to join. I instantly became addicted and consider myself blessed to be a part of the FitChixx family. The workouts are never the same and always challenging, a complementary mix of strength and cardio. FitChixx is an amazing group of females, from different backgrounds and fitness level, my daily motivation, with the same drive to better ourselves inside and out.


When the founder of the group (Antanique Landry) asked me to become a coach, I have to admitted that I  1. doubted my capabilities, 2. couldn't picture myself in that rule, and 3. was nervous to the hundredth degree. So, I turned down the offer. When asked a second time, I took a leap of faith and accepted.  I've been a FitChixx coach for almost a year now.  I've realized that Antanique saw something in me that I didn't see in myself. I love being able to guide others on their fitness journeys. With the added benefit of being inspired and motivated by the group.

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