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Najaah Rashed


I am honored to be a part of the FitCHIXX family.  In addition to being a successful entrepreneur, I consider myself a Champion for Women and Individuals who are on their personal journeys toward positive change.


After accepting that the "baby weight" from my 11-year-old son was lingering I knew that I had to make a change.  I took to Instagram like so many others to get ideas on workouts and fad diets.  It was then that I discovered Fitchixx. I found myself watching the page feed daily and finally got the nerve to check it out.  It changed my life!   


FitChixx is more than a workout group, it is a sisterhood. Since becoming a part of this group I have discovered that my love of fitness is incessant. The more I push my body to the limits the more my mind expands. Greatness spills into all aspects of your life, and through fitness, I'm passionate about helping others realize their strengths. Thanks to Fitchixx I've been able to channel my love of coaching others into a way of helping women realize their fitness goals.  

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